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The land where ancient Greek myths were born. The cities of Argos, Corinth, Sparta and more were where kings and queens reigned and became the source of inspiration for the ancient Greek tragedies and heroes started wars that echoed to eternity. The region of Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful regions in Greece with major attractions like the ancient theatre of Epidavros, amazing beaches and vineyards that are being cultivated since antiquity.

The region of Peloponnese is divided into seven areas: Achaia, Corinth, Argolida, Messinia, Lakonia, Elia and Arcadia and it covers the southern part of mainland Greece. You can reach the area by car through the Canal of Corinth or the impressive Rio- Antirio Bridge or by plane to the airport of Kalamata. In Grand Reserve Travel we have a special package that will familiarize you with the gastronomy and the culture of the region, the Peloponnese Wine Roads Tour by Grand Reserve Travel.

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In the region of Peloponnese we find one of the oldest vineyards in Greece. Known since antiquity for its white and reds, people of the area have been cultivating the vines since the ages of Homer. The main vineyards are found at the areas of Nemea and Corinth where you discover some great wines through a wine tasting in the very well organized wineries of the region. The most famous variety produced in the Peloponnese is Agiorgitiko (a name that derives from Agios Georgios- St George), a red wine that you have to try. But there will be more varieties to discover at the tastings organized by the Grand Reserve Travel.

Moreover, the Peloponnese is well known for its olive oil, also been produced in the area since antiquity. With the Peloponnese Wine Roads Tour you will have the chance to discover both products through private tastings. The traditional cuisine of the area is quite tasty and worth exploring and at the same tour a hands-on cooking class is also included.


There are so many things to do in the Peloponnese and there is such a diversity of the landscape that you could only be enchanted by the ancient sites, the mountainous villages lost in the lavish nature, and the beaches for all types of travellers. Plus the area of Peloponnese is as magical during the winter as the summertime. Let’s discover some of the highlights of the region:

  • Ancient Olympia where the Olympic Games were born.
  • The ancient theatre of Epidavros, the biggest ancient theatre in Greece where tragedies were played.
  • The area of Nemea where most of the wineries are gathered.
  • The charming city of Nafplio.
  • The villages on the mountains of the Peloponnese.
  • The sandy beaches of the eastern coasts.
  • The ancient cities of Mycenae and Corinth.

If you embark on the Peloponnese Wine Roads Tour by Grand Reserve Travel then you will get to visit most of these places and have a complete experience regarding the wine, the gastronomy and the history of a region that still says the stories of a glorious past and a modern era filled with tastes and emotions.

-Northern Greece

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The land of Alexander the Great is a massive area on the northern part of Greece that simply has it all. From shores that embrace the grandeur of the Aegean Sea to mountains that set you free through their amazing nature and beauty. This region is divided into the East, the Central and the West Macedonia and all regions have something unique and special for their visitors.

Ancient sites like Dion, Vergina- the birthplace of Alexander the Great- modern cities worth visiting like Thessaloniki- the second largest city in Greece- and natural wonders that you will admire as we drive you though the best parts of this region. The Explore the Wine Routes of the Gods Tour by Grand Reserve Travel was carefully designed to make you part of the uniqueness of this area which also has a rich history in wine making plus some delicious gastronomic treats that it would be a miss not to try.

-Wine & Gastronomy

The region of Northern Greece is filled with vineyards as well as many other products, but it is here where some of the greatest reds of Greece are made. The region is known for its Xinomauro red wine, which is produced specifically in the area of Naoussa, as well as some delicious whites and rosés. The particular climate of the region and the ideal altitude make the wines from Northern Greece amazingly tasty and definitely worth trying.

In the area you will also find more products that you have to give them a try, the likes of peaches, cherries and pomegranates that grow in the local orchards where we also find some rare meat products. The recipes of the region, especially the ones for pies, are something that you have to discover. The Explore the Wine Routes of the Gods Tour by Grand Reserve Travel besides wine tastings in the top wineries of the region includes a hands-on cooking class where you will unveil some of the secrets of the local gastronomy.


Nature stands really generous on the northern part of Greece. Besides mountains that never stop being covered by snow, it offers some magical corners to relax and admire next to important ancient sites that narrate the past, places where Alexander the Great and other heroes and philosophers left their mark. Here are some highlights of the region.

  • The ancient city of Aigai (Vergina) where the tomb of Philip II is located.
  • The area of Naoussa where most of the vineyards are gathered.
  • The city of Thessaloniki, the second largest in Greece.
  • The waterfalls of Edessa.
  • The Pozar Hot Springs, an absolutely natural spa.
  • The Arktouros Bear Shelter where young bears are fostered.

Most of these highlights are included in the Explore the Wine Routes of the Gods Tour by Grand Reserve Travel that is dedicated to the beauties of Northern Greece. Breathe in the crystal clear air of this part of Greece, let your spirit roam free as you listen to what the past has to say and enjoy some of Greece’s most delicious wines on a tour made to offer a great experience of the northern part of a country with so many faces and wonders.


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The region that hosts Greece’s capital, Athens, is not just all about the Acropolis and the quaint districts of Plaka, Thissio and Monastiraki. It has so much more to offer. The land of Gods, philosophy and drama, the land of democracy is today a region that you have to discover. Thus with the Athens Gastronomy & Attica’s Wine Country Tour by Grand Reserve Travel you will discover besides the city’s major attractions, all the secrets hidden in the long history of winemaking in the Attica region.

The region of Attica consists of the capital city of Athens and a coastal line that is filled with beautiful corners like the Sounio Cape where the emblematic temple of Poseidon stands. Moreover, here we find some of the most intriguing wineries in Greece that are fully organized and provide much more than wine tastings. With the Athens Gastronomy & Attica’s Wine Country Tour by Grand Reserve Travel you will enjoy all the gastronomic traditions and trends of Athens and you will taste the signature wines and culinary tastes of the area.

-Wine & Gastronomy

In the land of Attica, God Dionysus showed to the Athenians how to cultivate the vines; since then, the area has been producing quality wines to this day. Did you know that ancient Greeks drunk wine with the addition of water as the wine itself was too strong? Facts like this and many more expect all those who will follow the Athens Gastronomy & Attica’s Wine Country Tour by Grand Reserve Travel. Besides the world famous Retsina, that is now being reinvented by modern winemakers, you will discover ancient varieties like the Savvatiano and many more.

As for gastronomy, in a city like Athens you will simply taste it all. From traditional recipes from all over Greece to creative cuisine and modern expressions of fine gastronomy, Athens awaits all visitors to enjoy meals that they will never forget. Athens is a gastronomic capital that people from all over the world have gathered and brought along their gastronomic habits. So a spice and herb shopping experience in the capital of Greece or a visit to the central market is an experience that justifies why Greece has always been the crossroad linking the east, the west and the entire world.


Athens and Attica host some of the world’s most famous sites. From Acropolis to Sounion and to the valleys of the Mesogaia area, here you will live an experience that you will remember forever. Admiring the sun bathing the capital of Athens from the Acropolis or the sunset from Sounion will fill you with images and emotions that you will experience nowhere else. Let’s discover the highlights of Athens and Attica.

  • The legendary Acropolis of Athens.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Athens and the Acropolis Museum.
  • The districts of Monastiraki, Thissio and Plaka.
  • The wine making area of Mesogaia.
  • The temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio.
  • The beaches all around the Attica Region.
  • Walking and bicycle tours to discover the city.

By choosing the Athens Gastronomy & Attica’s Wine Country Tour by Grand Reserve Travel you will enjoy the best of both worlds. This is a complete gastronomy and sightseeing tour carefully designed for those who wish to discover the full energy of Athens and Attica; a land that was made by Gods and where people invented the most important principles that lead our lives up to today.


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The island of Crete is located on the southern part of the Aegean Sea and of Greece, and it is the country’s largest island. Its unique climate and its location, right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea have attributed to some unique samples of flora and fauna to thrive; based on these amazing products, the Cretan Diet was evolved, a way of living that dates back to the Minoan civilization that developed on the island.

Today, the Cretan Diet is a crucial part of everyday living in Crete, and you can try it for yourself and see its amazing benefits in the Cooking Class and Introduction to the Cretan Diet Tour (Heraklion city), the Cretan Gardens Cooking Class Tour(Chania City) or the Traditional Cooking and Tasting in Rethymno’s Countryside Tour by Grand Reserve Travel. Choose the one you prefer and dive right into the tantalizing – and incredibly healthy – tastes of Crete, tastes made with love, passion and the wondrous gifts of Cretan Nature.

-Wine & Gastronomy

At the very base of the world acclaimed Cretan Diet is the consumption of olive oil instead of other fats, and as luck would have it, Crete is home to some of the finest extra virgin olive oil in the world! The island is covered by extensive olive groves, making way only to vineyards, where the rich viniculture of Crete has been developing for centuries.

The fertile grounds of Crete are home to some delicious indigenous varieties, such as Vilana, Romeiko, Thrapsathiri and Malvazia, whereas more international tastes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah and Sangiovese also grow successfully here. You can discover the two most precious tastes of Crete, its rich and healthy olive oil and its mouth-watering wines in tours such as the Heraklion Wine Roads Tour, the Wine and Olive Trails of Crete Tour or the Rethymno for Food and Wine Lovers Tour by Grand Reserve travel, whereas the Cretan Picnic for Wine Lovers Tour is the epitome of a true Cretan-life experience.


The island of Crete was the birthplace of the Minoan civilization, and intense evidence of its presence and its highly sophisticated culture are scattered throughout the island. At the same time, Crete has been blessed with all types of natural wonders, from imposing canyons and snow-capped mountains to some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. Here are the highlights of the magnificent island of Crete:

  • The ruins of the ancient Palace of Knossos in the Heraklion region
  • The archaeological site of Faistos in the Heraklion region
  • The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion that showcases findings of the Minoan civilization
  • The National Park of the Samaria Gorge in the Chania region
  • The island of Spinalogga, which served as a leper colony until the middle of the 20th century
  • The beach of Matala, famous since the 70’s not only for its breath-taking beauty but also for being a popular destination for the hippie movement.

You can explore the rich and colourful culture of Crete Island in custom made tours that include the sites you wish to visit, all the while enjoying the signature tastes, flavours and aromas of this blessed land. Choose among the Exploring Heraklion and its Villages, the Exploring Chania and its and its Villages, the Exploring Rethymno and its Villages or the Exploring Lasithi and its Villages Tours by Grand Reserve Travel and explore the nature and the local traditions, whereas, for a closer look to the Cretan heritage, the Hidden Artisans of Crete Tour will take you on a nostalgic adventure through the land and the crafts that shaped its past leading to the present.